Deal: Get an 8GB MSI RX 580 for $155 After Rebate

Despite the fact that AMD recently launched the more-powerful RX 590, the now previous-generation RX 580 is arguably a much better deal for 1080p gamers, delivering more than 90 percent of the newer card’s performance at a lower price, with significantly lower power consumption. And when the RX 580 goes on sale, as it is right now on Newegg for an impressively low $155 after $15 coupon code and a $30 mail-in-rebate, AMD’s 8GB card is an absolute steal compared to RX 590s that start around $260 and Nvidia GTX 1060’s hovering at or just above $200.

While this is a no-frills card with what looks to be a reference-design cooler, $155 is the lowest price we’ve seen on an 8GB RX 580. And this card is an excellent performer for those playing games on a 1080p monitor.

The RX 580 should also remain a sound gaming investment for the foreseeable future. Newer RX 590s are priced much higher for minimal gains. And while we are hearing plenty of rumors about an RX 2060 from Nvidia, pricing of previous RTX cards leads us to believe that card will be priced well above $250 whenever it arrives. So if you opt for this card, you can be fairly certain something much better and less-expensive isn’t going to land anytime soon.

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  • SR-71 Blackbird
    Waiting for my 3rd Sapphire RX580 8GB Nitro+ LE to come back from RMA. Hopefully next week. 3 580's failed , no mining or OC. Two LE's and one SE. Not happy.
  • King_V
    That's a good deal for the RX580, but . . . that cooler does NOT inspire confidence.

    I take the reviews with a hefty grain of salt, but there seem to be a number of complaints about throttling because the cooler can't keep up when pushed. Yet, there are a few who say it manages just fine.

    I managed to snag a great deal with NewEgg briefly had the PowerColor RX 580 Red Dragon for $219.99, less $40 coupon code, less another $20 mail in rebate, so, net it was $159.99. That last bit of course you have to wait several weeks on, but the PowerColor's cooler is way better. Then again, just about ANY cooler seems better than the one on this particular MSI model.

    I don't know if such a deal will be coming back again for an RX 580 with a better cooler than this one anytime soon, though.
  • j4ckl3
    I got 8GB saphire for $200. If you look hard enough, the deals are out there. Especially come Jan. I always buy all my hardware 1st quarter as companies try to get rid of stock before trade shows.