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Amp Up Your Audio This Black Friday With These Razer 2.0 Speaker System Deals (33% & 20% off)

(Image credit: Razer)

Unfortunately, this smoking deal is sold out, but head to our Cyber Monday Tech deals page for more deals.

Speaker systems these days seem few and far between when it comes to PC gaming. Yeah we get it, most of the time you don’t want to annoy your relatives, and with the incessant sound of clacking mechanical keyboards, and frantic GPU fans trying to render 200 frames a second it can be hard to justify investing in a dedicated set of bookshelf speakers for your rig too.

That said, if you did want to, we may have found not one, but two killer deals for you. Razer’s Nommo Speaker systems have had two massive price cuts to their retail prices this Black Friday holiday. Yep you can pick up the Chroma RGB version for just $100. That’s 33% off its listing price, or 23% off the average price. And the non RGB variant is available for an impressive 20% off as well, bringing the price down to just $80 total.


Razer Nommo Chroma 2.0 Speaker System is on sale for just $100 (33% off) at Amazon

Razer Nommo Chroma 2.0 Speaker System is on sale for just $100 (33% off) at Amazon 

This 2.0 speaker system comes complete with 3-inch glass fiber drivers, rear-facing bass ports, automatic gain control, and of course Razer Chroma enabled RGB lighting around the bases of each satellite. 

Razer Nommo 2.0 Speaker System is on sale for an impressive $80 (20% off) at Amazon

Razer Nommo 2.0 Speaker System is on sale for an impressive $80 (20% off) at Amazon

If RGB just isn’t your thing, then this is the perfect deal for you. Complete with the same drivers, bass ports, and controls for the anti-RGB crowd this deal is a steal.


Drivers3-inch full-range drivers (1x per speaker)
Frequency Response50-20,000 Hz
Connectivity3.5mm Aux, 3.5mm Headphone, USB 2.0 Audio (Chroma Only)
Dimensions14x17x22 cm
Warranty1 Year

Performance & Differences

Audio from the Nommos are fantastically well balanced, not too bass heavy, and not too aggressive on the treble. They’re very well rounded and it just goes to show the quality of those drivers Razer's included. Not only are these good in game but they’re also utterly enjoyable for music and movies too. After trying out the Nommo Chromas and comparing them to the Pros (which are almost four times the cost), there’s not a huge difference between them. Obviously the subwoofer gives you a lot more bass range, and the treble is a little tighter on the high end, but the standard Nommos still perform excellently, especially given their size and the lack of additional tweeter on each satellite.

Speaking of, they are a bit bulky if you’re used to the traditional 2.1 speaker systems of yesteryear, certainly larger compared to the likes of Logitech’s G560s or Z533 speaker systems, which is something you'll need to consider if you're running low on desk space. But that’s the price you have to pay for good audio when it comes to speakers. As for volume? Boy can these things get loud.

Things to note? Well the RGB is ok, it’s not mind blowing by any measure, but it’s a nice additional feature, fully compatible thanks to Razer Synapse (which finally doesn't require an account to login) of course, and additionally when you’re adjusting the bass or the volume, the rings change color to blue or green to indicate the bass and volume levels, which is a nice touch.

Outside of that, the only main difference between the two falls down to connectivity. Namely, the standard Nommo connects to your PC via 3.5mm jack, whereas the Chroma connects via USB. USB audio is a bit cleaner than standard analog (unless you have a substantial on-board audio solution for your motherboard, or a dedicated soundcard/DAC).

Bottom Line

Ultimately the Nommo speaker lineups are a fantastic solution to providing solid audio performance outside of the world of headsets when you're on a budget. And for those who like a bit of freedom when you’re not buried in Discord during those intense Apex sessions, the Nommos really do bring to life the gaming world unlike anything else at this price point. If you do fancy ditching headsets entirely and heading to the world of push to talk for your gaming chat, you'll need a dedicated desktop mic too, check out our best microphones of 2019 Guide here.

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