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Corsair’s K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Is on Sale in the UK With 30% Off!

(Image credit: Corsair/Tom's Hardware)

Tired of gaming on membrane? Looking for a January PC shopping pick-me-up? Then check out this impressive deal on Corsair’s K70 RGB MK.2 mechanical gaming keyboard. Available now for just £105 (30% off its marked price), the K70 RGB MkK.2 is one of the best gaming keyboards money can buy. 

Complete with your choice of either Cherry MX Red or Brown switches, brushed aluminium frame, dedicated media controls (including fancy scroll wheel), full-customisation (thanks to Corsair’s intuitive and in-depth iCUE software suite), USB pass-through and impressive RGB lighting, it’s not a deal to pass up if you can get one at as low a price as this.


Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Keyboard: Was £150, now £105.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Keyboard: Was £150, now £105.
Complete with either your choice of Cherry MX Red or Brown switch, this full-size keyboard, packs in impressive RGB lighting, dedicated media controls, USB pass-through, and a full-sized wrist-rest too.


When it comes to mechanical gaming keyboards, there’s few brands out there that hold as much weight in the industry as Corsair. Famously known for buying extra factory lines for Cherry’s MX mechanical switch production, Corsair helped pioneer the mechanical keyboard market with the original K70 Vengeance back in 2013. Although mechanical keyboards were available, it was the original K70 that truly launched them into the mainstream. It’s that heritage, and those design decisions of the original K70 Vengeance, that Corsair’s latest K70 RGB MK.2 leans into so heavily today. From the shape, to the aluminium frame, to the media keys and more, the MK.2 is a true evolution of its predecessor. 


Switch TypeCherry MX Red / Brown
Form FactorFull-size
Media KeysDedicated
Dedicated Macro KeysNone (individually programmable in iCUE)
LEDsFull 16.8 Million Colour
N Key Rollover100% Anti Ghosting
Passthrough1x USB 2.0
Dimensions43.8 x 16.6 x 3.9 cm
Warranty2 Years


So how does it perform? Well on the whole it’s a very enjoyable experience. I’ve been a big fan of Corsair’s K70 line of keyboards for a long time. In fact, even before working in the tech industry, the product that got me into mechanical boards was the K70 Vengeance. Since then I’ve used no less than four different K70s (thanks to my job, not due to failure), all with varying switch types.

The aluminium finish and dedicated media keys in particular, are, well, addictive. It’s that volume scroll-wheel. Whether you’re a headset gamer, or live for your speaker setup, just having the ability to control your volume like that is immensely satisfying. Moving over to something like a Razer Huntsman, with integrated media keys is far more frustrating than you’d imagine.

Then there’s the switch type. Corsair’s long been a supporter of Cherry, and with preferential treatment and priority on new switch designs, it’s no surprise that the company has stuck with them over the years. The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is available in five different switch types (six if you include the low profile variant), however with this deal you only get access to two of those. The Cherry MX Red, and the MX Brown. 

There’s not a huge difference between the two switch types, the MX Red is your typical, smooth, linear switch, with a low actuation force (45g), which feels light to the touch, making it ideal for gaming where quick reflexes are key. The MX Brown is a sort of middle-ground switch between an MX Red and an MX Blue. It requires ever so slightly more force to actuate (55g at the top, and 45g at the actuation point), however instead of a smooth linear motion it has a slight tactile feel midway through each key press (although no audible click such as you’ll find with the tactile Cherry MX Blue). What that means is you’ll know exactly when it’s actuated without it having to bottom out, or displaying a result on the screen. As an MMO, MOBA or FPS player, where reaction time is key, you’d be best off with the MX Red, as a typist who games on the side? The MX Brown would be the better bet.

All in all the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is a fantastic full-size gaming keyboard and ideal for anyone looking to get into the world of mechanical gaming keyboards, and with 30% off its retail price. It’s a stellar deal for folk who are new to the mechanical keyboard world, or those mechanical keyboard vets with a bevy of mechanical switch experience underneath their fingertips.

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