Western Digital P10 4TB Portable Drive Drops to $110 at Newegg

Western Digital HDD
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Black Friday is almost here, but you can already find a selection of notable deals on computer hardware and accessories. To help make things easier, we're gathering up the best deals on tech we can find.

Today we're highlighting an offer on the Western Digital Black P10 portable external hard drive, but we also have a selection of deals on SSDs. It's usually priced around $129 but is discounted to $110 at the time of writing.

WD Black 4TB P10 Portable Drive: was $129, now $110 @Newegg

WD Black 4TB P10 Portable Drive: was $129, now $110 @Newegg
This is a 4TB portable drive from Western Digital. The Black P10 has a 2.5" form factor and uses USB 3.0 for optimal performance.

This drive also comes in capacities of 2TB and 5TB, but this deal is for the 4TB edition. It uses USB 3.0 for optimal performance and has a 2.5" form factor.

According to the specs, it measures in at 0.82" x 3.46" x 4.65" and weighs just .52 lbs—definitely ideal for a portable hard drive. This is one of the lowest prices for the Back P10 since it was first released in August of 2019.

Check out the Western Digital Black P10 on Newegg for more details and checkout options. This offer expires on November 15th.  

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  • HideOut
    Another "we want our referal fee" from the new THG. This isn't even a great price. I got my 4TB many months ago for $89. The 5TB can sometimes be found cheaper than this.
  • nofanneeded
    I never trusted 2.5 inch HDD anyways for DATA , and 4TB is alot.

    Until WD releases enterprise class portable 2.5 inch hdd , I am not interested in any huge sized Portable HDD . 4TB is too much to keep on these HDD.

    Give us Enterprise class portable HDD please .