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Deal: XFX Vega 56 Drops to $320 After Rebate

AMD’s Vega cards certainly aren’t the hot new thing anymore, but the Vega 56 still outperforms Nvidia’s GTX 1070 on most of our test titles, making it a good fit for those with a 1440p monitor or a high-refresh 1080p panel, especially at this low price of $329.99 after a $20 mail-in rebate. Until just days ago, this XFX RX Vega 56-model (RX-VEGALDFF6) was selling for $469 on Newegg and it’s still priced at $449 of Amazon. So $329 is a particularly sweet deal for a card this powerful.

Like all Vega 56 cards, it sports 8GB of high-bandwidth (HBM2) memory. And the XFX RX Vega 56-model RX-VEGALDFF6 is no boring-looking reference model. Its pair of fans are a bold red, and the card’s cooling shroud and metal back plate have a cut out between the fans, giving the card stand-out aesthetics that would make it perfect for a system with a tempered-glass side panel or even a vertical riser for showing off your pixel-pushing gaming engine.

XFX Radeon RX Vega 56 RX-VEGALDFF6 for $329.99 after rebate ($140 off)

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