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Enlight - A7254

The Enlight A7254 is an updated version of one of the classic Enlight designs.

The second case from Enlight, the A7254, is a mid-range model that differs completely from its little brother, the 3101. This design is much more conservative. Less rounded, plain and straightforward, it should fit into top-notch offices, as well.

The first technical difference is the way to open it: first of all, you have to remove the front panel (it can be easily released by pressing back a plastic hook at the bottom); secondly, you can remove both side covers.

Maybe you've already seen the hole in the front panel at the lower left side. Here, Enlight placed two USB ports. Though this idea is desirable, the connectors are turned 90° to the left, making it difficult to plug in a USB cable without seeing the connector.

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Number Of Internal 3-½ Bays1
Number Of External 3-½ Bays2
Number Of External 5-¼ Bays4
Number Of Case Fans Supported2
Construction MaterialSECC/ SGCC rustproof & galvanized JIS steel
Power Supply Included300 Watt, Enlight HPC-300-202
Special Features2 front USB ports, 80 mm fan mounted
Size16.7" x 7.5" x 18.9"
Sample Case Provided ByIngram Micro Components Europe
Estimated Cost$68 US
Construction Quality Rating7
Overall Case Rating8

The Enlight 7254 click and snap-in rail system makes drive removal a snap once the drives are mounted to the rails.

So what's this case all about? Its real strength is the way that 5.25" drives are installed: just pull out both rails of the bay you want to use. Now insert the drive and push it in gently until it reaches its final position. The cool thing is how the drive is arrested. Press both rail levers in the direction of the drive and push the drive further into the case. Just release the levers and you're done! Little nipples will prevent the drive from moving at all. Well done!

A side view allows you to take a look inside the 7254.

The rest of this case is standard. It has average weight and typical mid-tower dimensions. The construction quality is above average and, thanks to the sophisticated drive retention system, handles well. This may be the perfect compromise between flexibility, features and price.