15 Cases For Review

Enlight - A7280, Continued

The last picture shows some nice details: different from most other cases, the metal drive covers can be reinstalled if a drive bay isn't in use any longer. And, being a server case, the 7280 comes with plastic feet to ensure a proper balance.

Two out of six 5.25" bays are in the bottom area of this case, which is pretty unusual, but useful. Remember how much time it can take to connect a flat cable? Installing a drive at this low level will simplify cableways considerably.

The Enlight A7280 features two 5 ¼ bays at the bottom of the case. This presents the possibility of using these bays for removable hard drive trays, perhaps.

The overall impression we have of the 7280 is good. It is by far the best of the three cases from Enlight, but unfortunately it is also the most expensive. However, it is less suited for power users who open their computers on a daily basis due to the opening mechanism.