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Antec - Performance Plus 1080, Continued

The Performance Plus has locations for up to four fans, which provide excellent airflow within the case. With large openings in the front of the case, the 1080 is able to move a lot of air, which makes it a good choice for overclockers or those with loaded configurations that require significant airflow. A nice addition is the washable air filter that helps keep the case dust bunnies away.

The 1080’s quality of construction is excellent, with rounded edges and heavy duty rivets that secure the case. You will find no twist or flex within the 1080, as it is build like a tank. The door of the case can be locked, and even though it is made of plastic, it secures well when locked.

The flip-up door reveals two front-mounted USB ports, as well as a single 1394 Firewire port.

The 1080 includes a flip-up door that reveals two front-mounted USB ports, as well as a 1394 Firewire port. The action of the door itself is very good, and the ports are placed in a convenient location.

The 1080 is available in several colors, which is perhaps the most interesting new feature of this model. Also, other versions of the 1080 are available with side panel windows. Antec offers a variety of side panels for many of its older case models, as well.

The 1080’s continued evolution indicates that Antec is not sitting still. Probably the biggest drawback with the 1080 is the fact that it is built like a tank, and if you have to carry it around much, you will notice this. Beyond this factor, the quality of the case is excellent, and when teamed with the Antec TruePower 430 watt power supply, it is a great case choice for many shoppers.