15 Cases For Review

Impression - IM-21, Continued

The case is a mid-tower design that offers a good number of bays providing an ample amount of room for your devices. The construction of is good, and we found no twist or bend in the case. The edges were clean, and we found no sharp edges. The blue tint that the front of the case offers is different from many of the other models that we have seen.

The airflow through the case is good, as the case features ample holes in the acrylic front which allow the case to move a significant amount of air. Still, the design of the case might leave those that have a lot of devices feeling a little cramped, but the airflow was enough that, even when fully loaded, heat should not be an issue.

A look at the front-mounted port configuration of the IM-21.

The front of the IM-21 offers front-mounted ports for USB, 1394 Firewire, headphones/ speakers and mic. One of the issues that we noted is that, due to the acrylic front, these ports are recessed a little, which could cause some problems with certain types of connectors that are larger than the cutouts in the acrylic front. You will want to carefully examine the cables and connectors that you have, as any that don't fit will need to be replaced. Again, this may or may not be an issue, depending on your cables.

Overall, we found the construction and quality of the IM-21 to be very good. It presented a different look and feel from the other cases in this review. It offers an interesting look and design that some case modders might find attractive. We would have preferred this case with the side panel window. The IM-21 is a solid case and worthy of your consideration.