15 Cases For Review

Tradex - Union, Continued

The quality of the case is average. The case is sturdy, and does exhibit some flex, but no twist. The case edges are smooth for the most part, but we did find a couple of areas that were not sharp, but somewhat blunted.

The airflow through the case was average, but the case features a variety of vents, which helps release heat from within the inside of the case. The inside of the case is a little cramped. It is this way by design, though, and really could not be considered a negative.

The side-mounted USB ports are covered by a flip-open door. Once again, there is no 1394 Firewire port support with the Union.

The Union features two USB ports, which are hidden under a somewhat flimsy door on the side of the case. Some caution should be used with this door, as it didn't seem that sturdy and could break off if pushed too far back.

Overall, the Union is about we expected from a case in this price range. While it does have some good features and a rather unique look, it does not offer the advantages that you might find on a higher-end model. Still, for a case in this class, it was of average quality and average design. For those who are looking to spend less it does present a cost-effective option, but we liked the Zizon from Tradex better than the Union.