15 Cases For Review

Enlight - A3100 Series (3101)

Yes, Enlight is back! Enlight is making an aggressive return with new cases like the 3101 which feature a new direction in design for the company.

Ingram Micro sent us three cases from the Taiwanese manufacturer Enlight. The company has branch offices all over the world, ensuring availability both in Europe and the U.S.

The 3100 series can be seen as a type of entry-level case. Its design is modern and plain, but the lines look a little disturbed due to the fact that the front cover protrudes the dimensions of this case at both sides. However, stored beneath your desk, you won't take much notice of it.

We would say the intrinsic values are clearly more important: there are three external 5.25" drive bays available, plus four internal 3.5" bays. This should be enough for typical home or office computers. In addition, one more 3.5" is ready for a floppy drive. It comes with a 300 W power supply that of course supports all ATX platforms.

The case is made of galvanized steel with rounded edges, but it is noticeably lighter than other cases. In exchange, the side parts are quite bendable, as well.

Unfortunately, only the panel at the left side of the case can be removed. As 5.25" drives can be installed without any screws, this may not be critical - but as soon as the case is equipped with multiple drives, you would really appreciate the option to access your computer's inside ingredients from both sides.