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Thermaltake - Xaser II 6000 Series, Continued

The Xaser II 6000 is built using 1.0mm aluminum and weighs less than twenty pounds, which is significantly lighter than the other versions of this case, which weigh in at about thirty pounds. The construction of this case is excellent! We found no bend or twist to the case. The front door is made of steel and uses metal hinges, which shows great attention to detail on Thermaltake's part. We found the edges to be clean, with no sharpness at all.

We liked the polished look of the inside of the case, which, when coupled with the fully open window that was included with our sample, makes the case ripe for the case modder to light up. The polished look provides a good-looking reflection, which is unique.

The Xaser II 6000 has excellent airflow from the five fans that are included with the case. These fans can be controlled from the included fan controller, which features three speeds: Low, Medium, and High. The included fans are orange, which put us off a little. Despite Thermaltake's color choice, these fans were reasonably quiet and provided a steady airflow through the case. The configuration and location of the fans provide the kind of airflow that overclockers want, so the Xaser II 6000 would be a good choice for this market segment.

The bay-mounted ports, temperature monitor and fan controls for the Xaser 6000 series.

In the top 5-¼ bay of the Xaser II 6000 is the fan control, as well as the temperature gauge. We found the temperature gauge to be reasonably accurate, providing readings that were of acceptable accuracy for a device of this type. In addition, you will find two USB ports and a 1394 Firewire port, as well. The door leaves the top 5.25" bay exposed so that you can access the fan control, USB ports and 1394 Firewire port, as well as read the temperature gauge, without opening the door.

The Xaser II 6000 is an excellent blend of the old-style Chieftech case technology with a ton of new spin. While some might not like the orange-colored fans and the silver and red "X" design on the door, it is clear that this is a case of excellent quality that deserves consideration. While some might opt for the Chieftech Dragon version of this case, the lighter weight and added features of the Xaser II 6000 do add a lot of value for the money. We recommend the Xaser II 6000 as a case of excellent quality and a unique design that will fit many applications.