15 Cases For Review

Tradex - Zizon, Continued

The Zizon features about the same quality of construction as the Union. The Zizon is made mostly of steel, but, like the Union, features some plastic parts as well. The quality of the case is average. The case is sturdy, and does exhibit some flex, but no twist. The case edges are smooth for the most part, but we did find a couple of areas that were not sharp, but somewhat blunted - and might even be considered rough.

The most noticeable feature is the addition of a see-though side panel. The quality of the panel was average, but we did notice a little ripple in the acrylic used in the side panel window. Not a big deal, but when looking at it from an angle it is noticeable.

Like the Union, the Zizon features side-mounted USB ports, but no door covering them.

The Zizon features two side-mounted USB ports, with no flimsy door covering them like the Union had. Still, no 1394 Firewire or other additional ports are included. We would have preferred at least a 1394 Firewire port, but when you consider that there are other options, such as the Atech Pro III, that can provide a front-mounted 1394 Firewire solution as well as a card reader, this case seems weak in comparison.

The Zizon does offer a much better look and quality for the money, but it still falls short of many of the other cases in this review. What should be noted, however, is that the Zizon does pack a lot of the most-wanted features into a case with a unique look. Though case modders might not be attracted to this case, it does feature some design ideas that might eventually make their way into other case designs. If price is a major concern and you are okay with a case that is just a hair above average quality, the Zizon is worth a look.