Windows Server 2008 Reviewed

Disappointing - Outdated FTP Server, No SFTP

Despite all the improvements of the new IIS 7, we couldn’t help but be disappointed by one of its components. Specifically, we don’t see why Microsoft didn’t update the FTP service - instead, it is unchanged from the previous version. The FTP component is not even embedded in the Server Manager. Instead, there is only a link that opens the service applet of the old version. The configuration process has not been improved, either.

No FTP settings in the Server Manager

The FTP applet was adopted directly from the old IIS 6.

We found it especially disappointing that there is no support for encrypted data transfer, like the kind offered by SSH or SFTP under Unix/Linux. Even under Windows Server 2008, the administrator is forced to fall back on open-source software such as copSSH.

Activating a user under copSSH

Creating a key in copSSH

An SSH-connection can be used to open a remote command line...

... as well as for file transfers.

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  • CopSSH is not free anymore. :(