Windows Server 2008 Reviewed

Central Switchboard - The Server Manager

In Windows Server 2008 Server, all configuration tasks start in the Server Manager. It replaces the familiar Computer Management found in Windows Server 2003. Users are no longer forced to open different windows to configure DHCP, DNS and other services - all of the server’s management tasks are accessible from here.

The Server Manager greets the administrator with an overview of the basic settings.

When the Server Manager is started, it begins by showing the administrator a list of basic network settings and the installed services.

Who says life used to be less complicated? Here is a list of the numerous entries for services in the start menu of the older Windows Server 2003.

All server services and server roles can be centrally installed and managed from here.

  • FYI GoGrid is offering virtual Servers. They have a free $100 trial when you use the promo code 'GGED'. They are one of the first to offer 2008. EC2 doesn't even offer windows.
  • CopSSH is not free anymore. :(