Windows Server 2008 Reviewed

Creating Virtual Machines

After the installation of the two wsv patches, the virtualization environment becomes available in the Server Manager, allowing virtual machines to be set up and installed.

The servers can be managed either remotely or locally.

The inconspicuous menu entry "New" in the top right-hand corner lets you create a new virtual machine

Another wizard helps you set up a virtual machine. This process only takes a few minutes. Just enter the size of the virtual machines RAM, hard drive and network adapters, and you’re all set.

Choosing the amount of RAM for the Virtual machine

Selecting the network adapter

Creating a virtual hard drive

Creating the system

  • FYI GoGrid is offering virtual Servers. They have a free $100 trial when you use the promo code 'GGED'. They are one of the first to offer 2008. EC2 doesn't even offer windows.
  • CopSSH is not free anymore. :(