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Athlon II X3 435: AMD's Three-Core, 2.9 GHz, $87 Triple-Threat

AMD Adds Low-Power CPUs To The Lineup

Not content with releasing the new Athlon II X3 models alone, AMD has augmented its stable with a host of new low-power CPU options based on the Athlon II lineup:

Athlon II Product Lineup - Low-Power Models
CPU:Athlon II X2 235eAthlon II X2 240eAthlon II X3 400eAthlon II X3 405eAthlon II X4 600eAthlon II X4 605e
CPU Cores:223344
Clock Speed:2.7 GHz2.8 GHz2.2 GHz2.3 GHz2.2 GHz2.3 GHz
L1 Cache:2 x 128KB2 x 128KB3 x 128KB3 x 128KB4 x 128KB4 x 128KB
L2 Cache:2 x 1MB2 x 1MB3 x 512KB3 x 512KB4 x 512KB4 x 512KB
Hypertransport:4,000 MHz4,000 MHz4,000 MHz4,000 MHz4,000 MHz4,000 MHz
Thermal Envelope:45W45W45W45W45W45W
Price (MSRP):$69$77$97$102$133$143

All of these new models boast the same maximum power draw, a low 45W TDP. Most notably, we can see that the Athlon II X4 605e employs the lowest power requirements from a consumer-grade quad-core CPU to date. Maximum power is very close to the 40W Opteron EE, and this is certainly an attractive feature for companies with large workstation deployments.

As we'll see in the power benchmarks later, when paired with a power-sipping integrated graphics processor like the 785G, these processors can contribute to a system with a very small energy footprint.