DDR3-1333 Speed and Latency Shootout

Wintec AMPX PC3-10600

Familiar mostly to a small group of OEM system manufacturers, Wintec Industries has produced a performance line under the AMPX brand for several product cycles and hopes its performance brand will continue to gain traction with value-minded enthusiasts. The company sent a pair of its latest AMPX PC3-10600 1 GB modules for this competition.

Rated at basic 9-9-9-24 timings using a system's default 1.50 volts, this part number 3AHX1333C9-2048K 2 x1 GB dual-channel kit is designed to support whatever overclock enthusiastic users can extract, but doesn't include any "official" overclock validation like those of so many higher-priced brands.

In fact, Wintec AMPX PC3-10600 doesn't include SPD values for anything greater than DDR3-1066 and the modules are electronically labeled as the lower-speed parts. Builders must instead manually configure both speed and timings even though the modules are rated to operate at DDR3-1333 using stock voltage.

One would think that if the rated speed used stock voltage it would have been included in the SPD table. Perhaps the setting will be added to later production parts.