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A 4.1 GHz Dual Core at $130 - Can it be True?

Summary Overview: Who's The Winner?

With these results in hand, Intel wrests the overclocking crown back from AMD. The Opteron 144 lasted a long time as the leading best-kept-secret candidate for overclocking, but now lags far behind the Pentium D 805 - it's got only one CPU core, and runs 50 percent slower out of the gate.

Those with too much time on their hands and are ready to spend more time tweaking and tuning their systems may find themselves able to achieve stable operation at up to 4.3 GHz, assuming they can hit the sweet spot in terms of proper voltage level and adequate heat handling.

Clock rateMemory settingsBandwidthPercentage increase
2.66 GHzDDR2-5338.5 GB/sStandard
3.33 GHzDDR2-66410.6 GB/s24.6%
3.60 GHzDDR2-72011.5 GB/s35.1%
3.80 GHzDDR2-76012.2 GB/s42.6%
4.00 GHzDDR2-80012.8 GB/s50.1%
4.10 GHzDDR2-82013.1 GB/s54.1%

At 4.1 GHz the increase hits a substantial 54.1 %.