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A 4.1 GHz Dual Core at $130 - Can it be True?

Will The System Boot At 4.3 GHz?

Naturally, we had to keep trying, so as to establish the upper bound for the Pentium D 805's overclocking capabilities. We were able to start Windows XP on the system with an input voltage of 1.675 V at a CPU clock rate of 4.3 GHz. As soon as the system tried to process any kind of load, however, it would crash immediately.

At 4.2 GHz we could still boot into Windows XP.

The highest clock rate that we could set for the Pentium D 805 was 4.3 GHz, but at this extreme CPU clock rate, Windows XP would no longer boot.

We simply couldn't get the CPU to operate at speeds higher than 4.3 GHz.