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A 4.1 GHz Dual Core at $130 - Can it be True?

Ready For The 64 Bit Future

A quick look at the functions that the Pentium D 805 supports should convince you that it's not old hardware - it still has a viable future ahead of it:

Enhanced Instructions
Pentium EE965C14XXXX
Pentium EE955B14XXXX
Pentium D900 SeriesB12XXX
Pentium 46x1 SeriesB12XXX
Pentium EE840A04XXX
Pentium D805B02XX
Pentium D800 SeriesB02XX
Pentium D800 SeriesA02XX
Pentium EE3.72 GHzN02XXX
Pentium 46x0 SeriesN02XXX
Pentium 45x1 SeriesD0, E02XXX
Pentium 45x0J SeriesD0, E02XX
Pentium 45x0 SeriesD0, E02X
Pentium EE3.46 GHzM02X
Pentium EE3.40 GHzM02X

When compared with the most current models, this CPU doesn't miss any of the important features. Support for both EM64T (64 bit instructions and execution) and the Execute-Disable function (NX) are both present. The Pentium D 805 is a dual core architecture, so it can do without Hyper Threading and not take too big a penalty. The only new feature that's missing that might be of some concern is Intel's Virtualization Technology (VT). This reflects Intel's well-known practice of building only a single core, but then deactivating various functions to serve different price segments.