Six Dual Xeon Motherboards on the Cheap

Tyan Tiger I7505 (S2668AN), Continued

With four connections, the board is amply proportioned to accommodate four fans. However, only three are monitored in BIOS in addition to connector J44.

I/O panel on Tyan's S2668AN

The Tiger i7505 has connections for four USB 2.0 devices.

Saves troubleshooting time: the Port80 display on the board

The error codes are described in the user guide

A Port80 display informs the user of system problems as they occur with an error code. All codes are listed in the user guide along with details. This helps users locate problems quicker.

Game port onboard, although it leaves through a slot shield

Older game controllers and keyboards for music editing can be connected via the game port.

Tyan's monitoring tool, which can also be queried and controlled via the network

Tyan is asking $250 for the Tiger i7505 (S2668AN), which is a bargain in view of the generous standard features.

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