Six Dual Xeon Motherboards on the Cheap

Tyan Thunder I7505 (S2665UANF), Continued

The Thunder i7505 provides 48-kHz stereo sound with its AD1981A sound processor from Analog Devices. A digital SPDIF output is included.

Room for four DDR memory modules

Tyan has not allowed for a registered protocol on its big WTX E7505 board. It can be run with normal unbuffered memory modules. The board thus supports a maximum module size of 1 GB per memory slot.

Port for connecting an LCD display

The board's I/O panel with FireWire, LAN, 4x USB, PS/2, parallel, analog and digital sound, and COM interface

The board has additional connections for five fans, 4 USB 2.0 ports and onboard audio inputs for CD and line-in.

Monitoring tool: control via LAN possible as well

This tiny SMD resistor lives dangerously: if you're not careful, it can break off while the retention module is mounted.

Although Tyan hasn't skimped on components for the Thunder i7505 (S2665UANF), in view of the competition, its $550 price tag is more than a little steep.

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