Six Dual Xeon Motherboards on the Cheap

EKL's Beta Stage Cooler

EKL provided us with its first beta version of the new Xeon coolers, the extreme thinness of which ensures easy use on an ATX-format dual board. They are produced in the usual disk form with copper bolts and weigh in at 13 oz (370 grams). A Papst fan spinning at 5,200 rpm sits on top of the cooler, which is mounted with retaining clips on the CPU retention modules. This design is advantageous because of the good airflow, which cools surrounding components such as the passive Northbridge cooler and fixed-voltage regulator as well.

The first beta version of the new Xeon cooler from EKL

The contact surface is copper

The Coolermaster EP3-S61FS: Especially For 1U Servers

The Xeon EP3-S61FS from Coolermaster was specially developed for servers with just one height unit. It is constructed from a single piece of copper and tips the scales at 500 grams. A thin, 1-cm fan spinning at 4,800 rpm creates the necessary airflow. This design takes up just 2.5 cm. It is mounted on the motherboard's backplane with four screws (including springs). The low cooling performance and high noise level are unfortunate, which is why this model is better suited for servers rather than workstations.

The Coolermaster cooler is made entirely of copper

The cooler base

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