Six Dual Xeon Motherboards on the Cheap

Intel SE7505VB2: Native Dual Solution

Intel has been a player on the motherboard market for quite some time. Besides its own chipset, there is also a matching mobo. The SE7505VB2 is intended to serve the server and workstation market equally.

Big board: Intel's E7505 motherboard goes by the name of SE7505VB2

Revision: F03
BIOS Version: 1.08 (01/08/04)

A prominent feature is that Intel has also integrated onboard graphics besides for the AGP-Pro slot that comes as standard. Together with the appropriate CPU coolers, the board' is no higher than 1 ¾" (44.45 mm). This means it can easily be used in a server rack of one height unit (1U). Unfortunately, the SE7505VB2 can only be operated using an EPS12V mains unit.

Onboard graphics: ATI Rage XL

VGA output on the I/O panel

The ATI Rage-XL graphics chip, which is connected to the ICH4 Southbridge via the PCI bus, has the wherewithal in the server administration arena to run under Windows Server 2003 or Linux. The graphics chip is clocked at 83 MHz and has an 8 MB memory, which runs at 125 MHz with 5 ns average access time. With the help of the onboard graphics and the operating systems' dual-monitor support, it's no problem to set up a second screen to enter parameters or monitor events. This makes work much more convenient.

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