Six Dual Xeon Motherboards on the Cheap

Tyan Thunder I7505 (S2665UANF): Super Features For A High Price

The Thunder i7505 (S2665UANF) is the largest member of the E7505 family and is a Tyan product.

Tyan's biggest model, the S2665UANF in WTX format

Revision: unknown
BIOS Version: 1.11A.2665 (03/19/03)

Because of its wealth of components in the large WTX form factor, the board will only fit into a WTX tower. This makes it possible to power it with an EPS12V unit.

EPS12V plug and 6-pin power supply for AGP Pro

8-pin plug to power the CPUs

The 6-pin power supply is only needed when an AGP Pro graphics card is installed that supplies additional voltage along another route. But these cards are in any case few and far between in channels.

Voltage regulator on the WTX board

The large aluminum sheeting to cool the fixed-voltage regulator is the first thing that stands out. The two Xeon sockets are powered by a three-phase regulator.

The P64H2 bridge looks after the PCI-X/PCI-64 slots

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