MSI GX60 Review: Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Notebook!

Color Gamut And Accuracy, Monitor Rating

The LCD panel in the GX60 nearly covers the standard sRGB color gamut. It has very good color response for blues and greens, though deep reds aren’t as vivid. The panel is not a wide-gamut model, so it only covers 72% of AdobeRGB color gamut.

Overall, the accuracy of colors reproduced by the panel are fair. Remember, we really want to see a Delta-E of two or less. Greyscale images should look decent on the GX60’s screen, since most shades have a Delta-E of less than 3.5, with 4.38 being the worst measurement. This means that the GX60 is probably ample for working with black and white photos, especially after calibration. The colors are also fairly accurate on the GX60’s panel. The average Delta-E for all measurements is 2.76, placing the LG panel in the good category. After calibration, the panel is very good, with the only limiting factor being its inability to show the deepest shades of red.

The chart above shows Datacolor’s rating for the LG panel in the GX60. While we basically agree with Datacolor’s ratings, it should be noted that the luminance uniformity in this particular sample of the LG Philips LP156WF1-TLF3 seems to be worse than usual. The chart also doesn’t take the GX60’s very good viewing angles into consideration.

The images above are photos of the GX60’s screen before and after calibration with the Spyder4Elite system. Depending on the screen that you're using to read this review, you should be able see significant differences between the top and bottom image. If you have a good monitor, you may also be able to see how well the GX60’s panel calibrates. While the GX60’s screen is respectable out-of-the-box, it’s much better after calibration.

  • patrick47018
    Looks promising
  • yobobjm
    I own an MSI (with some weird number classification that I can't remember) but it has proved to be a dedicated and powerful gaming laptop. It also has had really no problems other than the glossy finish getting scratched (which doesn't even exist on this laptop) so I would recommend MSI products :D
  • flowingbass
    I also own an MSI, a GX660r with a 5870M and a Core i5 480m. The 5870M desktop equivalent is a HD5770. The GPU is quite struggling to play on high in current games, mid-high or sometimes medium (all low on crysis 3 except resolution and textures) is required to maintain playable frame rates.

    I might just upgrade to this and just swap GPU between the two. i5 480m > A10-4600M
    But does it fit a CableCard?
  • ASHISH65
    Looks good and helpfull review for laptop gamers!
  • acktionhank
    Hey Tom's run a few gaming tests again with PScheck forcing the CPU to run at a 2.5-2.7ghz so that it won't throttle itself so much.

    I'd like to see exactly what speeds we'd need to get an A10-4600 running at to reduce these severe bottlenecks.
  • Chewie
    Give this a 4 module APU, and keyboard backlighting, and it would really kick butt!
  • Madn3ss795-1283924
    AMD APU ruins the whole thing.
  • Chairman Ray
    Great build from Msi!
  • silverblue
    Very nice machine. It's a shame that AMD stopped with the A10-4600M and didn't look to produce a higher model as that'd help, however until the HSA initiative really kicks in, the Bulldozer architecture's FPU implementation is always going to be found wanting, and that's without even talking about the sharing issues which Steamroller looks to fix.