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Labelflash vs LightScribe DVD/CD Labeling

Software Packages That Support LightScribe

Numerous templates can be downloaded from the LightScribe homepage.

In addition to the classic Nero software by Ahead there are a number of other different and interesting programs that support LightScribe. A complete and regularly updated list as well as special templates for use with this labeling technology can be found on the LightScribe homepage.

Printing Labels With Ahead's Nero

Not all Nero versions function with LightScribe

Nero can be used to produce data CDs and DVDs of all kinds. Utilizing the LightScribe function, however, is not always possible. The version included in our test sample was not recognized by the LightScribe driver. Updating to version 7 was without success. Only after completely reinstalling Windows-XP and the latest Nero 7 (with 107 MB) was it possible to burn and imprint the first disc. Imprinting the upper side with LightScribe takes about twice as long as the data side. The three quality levels Nero features take almost the same amount of time, so that it is best to always use the highest quality printing setting. It doesn't matter much whether it takes 20 or 30 minutes.

Editor's note: LightScribe drivers that do work with older Nero versions are now provided on the Nero Website. These files are also necessary for the other label printing programs if not included with the purchase of the burner.

  • JMEngelhart
    You left out one key thing - Lightscribe disks ARE available in other colors. I have a stack in front of me with Blue, Green, Orange , Red and the traditional Gold/Yellow.
    You get real spoiled by them in a hurry and won't go back to writing on your disks.
  • Do I understand that Flash Lable cannot be used for CDs?
  • Right!