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Labelflash vs LightScribe DVD/CD Labeling

SW: SureThing CD/DVD Labeler - Professional Label Designer

The label designer features lots of templates and images.

Another program that supports LightScribe is the CD/DVD Labeler by Sure Thing. As its name suggests, this is not burner software. This program allows you to make nearly professional-quality CD stickers and designs by labeling either tags, printable inkjet media or LightScribe discs. The approximately 11 MB trial version has a 15-day limit. The full version costs $25.

Blank Discs For LightScribe

LightScribe blanks are available as DVD-R or CD-R.

LightScribe DVD burners can only imprint the top of specially-coated blank discs. The selection is still very limited, although an increasing number of manufacturers offer LightScribe-compatible CDs and DVDs. The prices range between $0.80 for a 700 MB CD and over $1 for a 4.7 GB single-layer blank DVD, while prices should also continue to fall.

ManufacturerModelUnit priceTypeCapacity
BenQ52x CD-R LightScribe$0.75CD-R, 52x700 MB
ImationCD-R 700 MB LightScribe$0.80CD-R, 52x700 MB
MemorexCD-R 700 MB LightScribe$0.90CD-R, 52x700 MB
PhilipsCD-R 700 MB LightScribe$.80CD-R, 52x700 MB
VerbatimData Life PLUS CD-R$0.60CD-R, 52x700 MB
Hewlett PackardCD-R 700 MB LightScribe$0.65CD-R, 52x700 MB

A LightScribe disc

ManufacturerModelUnit priceTypeCapacity
HPDVD+R 4.7 GB 8x LightScribe$1.25DVD+, 8x4.7 GB
LacieDVD-R 4.7 GB 8x LightScribe$1.5DVD+, 8x4.7 GB
MemorexDVD-R 4.7 GB 8x LightScribe$1.25DVD-R, 8x4.7 GB
VerbatimLightScribe DVD+R 8x$1.20DVD+, 8x4.7 GB
  • JMEngelhart
    You left out one key thing - Lightscribe disks ARE available in other colors. I have a stack in front of me with Blue, Green, Orange , Red and the traditional Gold/Yellow.
    You get real spoiled by them in a hurry and won't go back to writing on your disks.
  • Do I understand that Flash Lable cannot be used for CDs?
  • Right!