Labelflash vs LightScribe DVD/CD Labeling

Labeling With Labelflash Using Nero

Nero 6.6 is bundled with our NEC burner

Again though, Nero is the only program that supports Labelflash functionality. The program itself hasn't changed much, only the Disc Label module, which has a Labelflash plug-in, is different. The Labelflash settings are easily identifiable. Printing a blank DVD with the top- quality option takes about 27 minutes, which is comparable to how long it takes to create similar labels with LightScribe. Laser-imprinted discs show greater contrast, but only in the right light. Like a hologram, the sharpness of depth only is noticeable when you move the DVD.

A Spartan user interface of the label designer module.

Graphics are easy to position.

The time remaining indicator is done before printing is actually complete.
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  • JMEngelhart
    You left out one key thing - Lightscribe disks ARE available in other colors. I have a stack in front of me with Blue, Green, Orange , Red and the traditional Gold/Yellow.
    You get real spoiled by them in a hurry and won't go back to writing on your disks.
  • Anonymous
    Do I understand that Flash Lable cannot be used for CDs?
  • Anonymous