Labelflash vs LightScribe DVD/CD Labeling

DVD Burners For Label Design

Yamaha's Disc T@2 can only imprint the data side of a disk

Yamaha's Disc T@2 technology, which debuted about four years ago, had one major drawback: it was only possible to label the data side of a blank disc. The buzz over this technology then rapidly subsided as Yamaha ceased production of these CD burners. Those lucky enough to have gotten hold of one of the burners were able to embellish CDs with graphics burned onto the unused memory portion of the disc. If the disc was full, no room was left over for Disc T@2 graphics, which was yet another reason why this printing technology was not destined to survive.

Labelflash and LightScribe heirs to the Disc T@2 legacy

A five-pack costs around $5 for LightScribe and around $10 for Labelflash.

Siggy Moersch
  • JMEngelhart
    You left out one key thing - Lightscribe disks ARE available in other colors. I have a stack in front of me with Blue, Green, Orange , Red and the traditional Gold/Yellow.
    You get real spoiled by them in a hurry and won't go back to writing on your disks.
  • Do I understand that Flash Lable cannot be used for CDs?
  • Right!