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Labelflash vs LightScribe DVD/CD Labeling

SW: Droppix Recorder - An Intriguing Burner Software Alternative

Droppix does more than just burn DVDs

Droppix is a nearly unknown new player on the burner software market. The software package also includes a Label Maker module that supports LightScribe burners. The roughly 30 MB download package allows you to use the entire range of functionalities during a 30-day trial period. Anybody who wants to burn CDs or DVDs in addition to printing with LightScribe should take a look at this program sometime, currently priced at around USD 30.

Label Maker contains a host of readymade LightScribe templates

  • JMEngelhart
    You left out one key thing - Lightscribe disks ARE available in other colors. I have a stack in front of me with Blue, Green, Orange , Red and the traditional Gold/Yellow.
    You get real spoiled by them in a hurry and won't go back to writing on your disks.
  • Do I understand that Flash Lable cannot be used for CDs?
  • Right!