The Magnificent Seven: GeForce3 Board Round-up

Test Methodology And Configuration

We ran two parallel testing platforms - one was an Athlon 1200 system and the other was a Pentium 4 platform clocked at 1500 MHz. Note: these benchmarks are not intended as a comparison between two competing CPUs.

The benchmarks focus on the graphics cards. We have published results obtained with the Athlon and the Pentium 4 for every category.

We pretty much limited our resolution settings to 1024x768 and the real bandwidth-chomper 1600x1200. The only time 1600x1200 wasn't possible was during the 3DMark tests. In their stead, we've listed results obtained with 1280x1024.

In this test we used factory-supplied drivers, i.e. the manufacturers' drivers and not the NVIDIA reference driver. Anyone wanting to use the NVIDIA driver will probably lose the manufacturer's add-on tabs.

CPU AMD platform AMD Athlon 1200 MHz/133 MHz FSB (DDR)
CPU Intel platform Intel Pentium 4 1500 MHz/400 MHz FSB (quad-pumped)
Hard disk 12 GB, ST313021A, DMA 66, (Seagate)
5400 U/min, 512 kB Cache
Motherboard ASUS A7M266
GeForce3 Graphics cards
GeForce2 GTS v12.00 Ref.
GeForce2 PRO v12.00 Ref.
GeForce2 ULTRA v12.00 Ref.
ASUS AGP - V8200 ASUS v12.10 Beta
Visiontek GF3 v12.00 Ref.
ELSA GLADIAC 920 ELSA v12.40 Beta
Hercules 3DP 3 v12.00 Ref. (Vendor driver n/a)
Gainward CARDEXp. Gainward Driver Release v12.00
Leadtek WinFast GF3 Leadtek Driver Release v12.00
MSI StarForce 822 MSI Drivers Release v12.00
Driver and Software
IDE/AGP driver VIA 4 in 1 V4.29 Final
DirectX Version 8.0a
Operating Systems Windows 98 SE, Version 4.10.2222 A
Benchmarks and Settings
Quake III Arena Retail Version 1.16
command line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0
Graphics detail set to 'Normal'
Benchmark using 'Q3DEMO1'
Evolva DirectX 7, T&L
MDK2 OpenGL, HW Lighting
Aquamark v2.1 DirectX 8, T&L, Pixel & Vertex Shader
GeForce3 Settings: Pixel Shader = YES
GeForce2 Settings: Pixel Shader = NO
Quake 3 v1.17 OpenGL, HW Transformation
Norm Setting: Quake 3 Standard Normal
HQ+T Setting: Quake 3 High Quality & Max. Texture Resolution
DroneZ OpenGL, Pixel & Vertex Shader
GeForce3 Settings: GeForce3 Bump
GeForce2 Settings: GeForce2 Bump (n/a)
MBTR v1.09 DirectX 7, No T&L
Settings: TNT/GeForce, Ansiotropic
3D Mark 2000 v1.1 DirectX 7 T&L
Settings: T&L, Athlon 3D Now
3D Mark 2001 DirectX 8 T&L, Pixel & Vertex Shader
GeForce3 Settings: Pure HW T&L, Athlon 3DNow
GeForce2 Settings: T&L, Athlon 3DNow