The Magnificent Seven: GeForce3 Board Round-up

Asus V8200 Deluxe, Continued

When you open the package, you find Ulead VideoStudio and CyberLink VideoLive Mail. The first program is used to record videos that are fed in through the video-in port. The best output format to choose is MPEG-2. In addition to recording, some simple editing is also possible. CyberLink VideoLive Mail can be used to convert the videos into Windows Media format. If your Internet connection is high on bandwidth, you can even send them to a friend. Asus also includes the following full-version games: Messiah, Sacrifice, and Star Trek - New Worlds. The DVD player is a standard component for Asus.

The Asus V8200 board is available in two versions. In contrast to the Deluxe version, the Pure version is furnished with a VGA port and nothing else. Its allotment of software was slashed considerably, too. In return, the V8200 Pure is about $40 cheaper than the Deluxe version.

Uwe Scheffel