The Magnificent Seven: GeForce3 Board Round-up


The information provided for the Asus software is more comprehensive than that supplied by the NVIDIA reference drivers. A good chunk of the information, however, is redundant. One feature you almost gloss over at first glance: cheating options, such as SeeThrough technology, which continue to be implemented. This sounds too good to be true, and in fact, this feature turns out to be a handicap. Many MP clan servers use Punkbuster software to block gamers with SeeThrough drivers.

In Schemes, you can enter individual settings for brightness, contrast and gamma for Direct3D games.

Pretty much the same story for OpenGL games, when you activate "Enable Color Adjustment".

Hint: Only those driver extensions have been published that aren't already available as part of the NVIDIA reference driver. Anyone unfamiliar with the reference driver can find screenshots here .

Uwe Scheffel