PC Interfaces 101

Power Connectors And ATX Standards, Continued

Has come and gone: power connection for a diskette drive

20/24 ping combination connector (ATX and EATX)

Don't do this! The 4-pin extender from a 20 to 24-pin combination connector may not be used in the 12V AUX port (it's usually too far away to reach anyway). This 4-pin extender either belongs in the Extended ATX port or will be unused on ATX 20-pin motherboards.

This is the way to go: the spearate 4-pin cable belongs in the 12V AUX port, easily recognizable by its color coding with 2 gold and 2 black wires.

Many motherboards require a peripheral power cable to be hooked up for supplementary power.

Uwe Scheffel