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Digital multimedia interface for uncompressed HDTV signals up to 1920x1080 interlaced (aka 1080i), with integrated Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy protection mechanisms. The current technology in use today is a Type A connector with 19 pins.

There are no consumer products available today that use the 29-pin Type B connector (which handles resolutions higher than 1080i). The video signal for HDMI uses the same digital TDMS signaling technology that DVI-D also uses. This explains why HDMI-DVI adapters are also available for high-end video gear. In addition, HDMI can also deliver up 8 audio channels using 24-bit signals and 192 kHz sample rates. Note that HDMI cables shouldn't exceed 50 feet (15 m) in length.

HDMI DVI adapter cable


  • HDMI = High Definition Multimedia Interface
Uwe Scheffel