Processors On The Rocks VOL. 2

Extra Fan

Optionally Asetek supplies a huge extra fan that can be mounted to the front opening of the case. This is for people who are particularly religious about the temperature inside their case or who have very hot graphics cards or hard drives.

It's a Papst-Fan, model '4412 FGMLD' and very quiet.

The Mounting Process

The manual does an excellent job of walking you through the mounting process, but I decided to publish this whole process here as well, because it can be very tricky.

First of all you obviously mount the motherboard into the case, which is done just as with any other average case. Then you place the insulation pad inside the processor socket.

Before ...

... and after. Asetek supplies pads for Socket370 as well as Socket462. The one for Socket 370 is obviously a bit larger.