Processors On The Rocks VOL. 2

No Front Bezel Yet - Archaic Look

The first thing that obviously jumps into your eye after unpacking Vapochill is the fact that right now the systems are shipping without the front bezel, because it is not available to Asetek yet. This is of course no serious issue, as Asetek will supply each customer with the missing front bezel as they are ready to ship it. However, as of right now, Vapochill doesn't exactly come with the looks that would impress your buddies.

You can see where the cooling unit is. You are looking at the power converter of the compressor in the upper compartment of the case. On the right there are the reset and power-on buttons and what sticks out so nicely with its 3-digit display is the 'ChillControl'. On the bottom you see the optional huge fan that is supposed to ensure a healthy climate inside the case for the other hot components like the hard drive and the graphics card.