Processors On The Rocks VOL. 2

The Refrigeration Unit

You already spotted it in the upper compartment of the case, the refrigeration unit is obviously the most integral part of Vapochill, as it is responsible for the minus-degrees of your CPU. Here is a schematic view of it.

The next picture shows the actual refrigeration unit after it had been removed from the Vapochill case.

In the front right you can spot the condenser with the attached fan, then there is the receiver, the capillary tube and the actual compressor with its power converter. In the front left you see the Vapochill evaporator and the thermally insulated hose that leads the gaseous refrigerant back to the compressor and the liquid refrigerant from the capillary tube to the evaporator. If you want to understand how this unit works and you haven't read my initial Vapochill article yet, then it might be a good time to do so now.