Processors On The Rocks VOL. 2

No Front Bezel Yet - Archaic Look, Continued

The case itself is very spacious, leaving a lot of work and breathing space for the motherboard and expansion cards. However, due to the space taken up by the cooling unit, it only hosts three 5.25" bays and three 3 1/2 inch bays. This should be enough for the majority of users, but people with streamers, CDROM, CDR/W and a life drive will already run into trouble. The other slightly annoying issue is the location of the 300W power supply. Obviously it had to be removed from its usual position in the top/rear area of the case, because that is where the condensor of the cooling unit sits. Thus the PSU can be found right in front of the motherboard, blocking the view onto the CPU and the evaporator. You will always need to remove the power supply if you should want to change the CPU or work on the evaporator.