Processors On The Rocks VOL. 2

No Front Bezel Yet - Archaic Look, Continued

After the removal of the cover you find that the whole case is painted black. I personally don't associate black with 'cool' and would have considered it fancier if the case was artic white, but I guess it doesn't really matter anyhow. You can see that the case cover is following the old fashioned and rather unpopular U-shape design, which is a pain to remove and put on again. We would obviously have preferred one of the new designs where you can remove the single sidewalls of the case. Asetek's Andre told me that they searched high and low for a case that could fit the cooling unit and the only company that would alter their case for Asetek was CED, Germany. Supposedly it is extremely expensive to supply a completely Asetek-designed case, which is why we have to live with the awkward case cover for the time being. I cut my fingers twice when handling the cover, so it won't get a whole lot of plus points from me.