Processors On The Rocks VOL. 2

Other Parts

The Heating Element

You remember from the explosion diagram of the evaporator that between it and the processor there is a heating element that heats up the processor pins to keep water from condensing on them, which could cause short circuits. Please refer to my initial Vapochill article if you require more information.

Asetek supplies a few of those self-adhesive heating elements, which need to be hooked up to the ChillControl.

The Power Supply

The 300W power supply is from 'Fortron/Source', model 'FSP300-60GT' and thus pretty basic. It does not only supply the system, but also the 12V compressor, which requires some 55W. Please realize that the power supplied by the compressor stands in no direct energy relation with the amount of heat the compressor is able to remove. A typical example to understand it would be if you cool down your frying pan with some water from the tab (don't do that if there's boiling oil in the pan or you'll have a fiery surprise!). The energy of splashing water onto the pan (which is obviously minimal) is also in no way related to the huge amount of heat the water is removing from the hot pan.

The power supply is hooked up to the ChillControl and the compressor and one of the 'power-good'-lines to the motherboard can be interrupted by the ChillControl, which happens if the T1-limit should have been exceeded.