VapoChill Puts a Pentium 4 with 800 MHz FSB within Reach

Installing The VapoChill System, Continued

The last insulating pad should be inserted into the frame in such a fashion that the cable in the case is pointing upwards (towards the ChillControl). You can see from the smears of white thermal grease that we are re-using an insulating pad in this picture.

We’re almost done. Now, we have to cover the entire surface of the CPU with a thin layer of thermal grease. Or, for Athlon XPs and Pentium IIIs, just the CPU die.

Next, you can place the evaporator on the processor. We highly recommend carefully studying the extensive, easy-to-read manual, as it provides valuable tips on installation. For example, you should determine the exact position of the evaporators in advance and then "bend" it with the module at the right point. That greatly reduces the effort of introducing the fastening screws and also ensures that the evaporator will be seated flat against the processor surface. Take plenty of time for the entire process.

The fastening screws should be tight enough to keep the evaporator from moving when you nudge it a little with your finger. You can use the screws as a rough guide : they should stick out about 2-4 mm from the underside of the stay bars.

How We Tested

Processors Intel Pentium 4 - 2.26 GHz
Intel Pentium 4 - 3.06 GHz
Motherboard & System Memory Asus P4G8X, Intel 7205 Chipset
2x 256 MB Corsair Micro DDR400, CL2
Harddisk IBM DeskStar 180 GXP
7.200 U/Min, 8 MB Cache
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti4200 128 MB
Network Card 3COM 3C905TX-B
Drivers & Software
IDE/AGP Driver Intel Application Accelerator 2.3
Graphics Driver Detonator 4 Serie V41.09
DirectX Version 9.0
Operating System Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 3
Quake III Arena Retail Version
Benchmark using ’DEMO001’
Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo Version Benchmark
Comanche 4 Demo Version Benchmark
SYSmark 2002 Internet Content Creation
Office Application Performance
Lame Lame 3.89
MPEG4 Encoding XMPEG 4.5
DivX 5.02
720x576 Pixel, 25 fps
no Audio
WinACE V2.04, 178 MB Wave-Date, Best Compression, Dictonary 4096 kB
Synthetical Benchmarks PCMark 2002
SiSoft Sandra 2003 Pro
3DStudio Max Version 5.1
Dragon Scene
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