VapoChill Puts a Pentium 4 with 800 MHz FSB within Reach

VapoChill Premium Edition, Continued

The large openings on the front side of the VapoChill case are intended to improve cool air circulation. The cooling ribs are very visible. Behind them is a large fan that, in most systems, usually works at very slow speeds, ensuring that the noise level remains low.

The case is different from other mid-towers in that the power supply is not above, but rather to the side of the motherboard. This in turn means that you have to remove the unit before making certain adjustments to the motherboard. However, it would be next to impossible to arrange the components differently, because the entire upper section of the 55-cm high case is taken up by the cooling system.

Unlike earlier VapoChill systems, the case on the new version can be easily opened on both sides by removing the side panels.

This image gives you a idea of what's "upstairs." The jacketed cooling line with the evaporator runs out from the upper section of the case.