VapoChill Puts a Pentium 4 with 800 MHz FSB within Reach

Installing The VapoChill System, Continued

Then, you have to re-mount and re-lock the frame (using the pegs on all four sides).

VapoChill has perfected its system to the point of including an additional heating foil that you glue to the back of your motherboard. It helps prevent condensation from forming on the back of the motherboard from the humidity. In most areas, you should be able to do without the foil, but if your neck of the woods is particularly humid, gluing on the foil is a wise move.

Last, but not least, AseTek also provides a self-adhesive insulating pad to be glued over the foil on the back of the motherboard. We chose not to make use of the pad because it is difficult to remove once attached. So the image above shows another motherboard to which the insulating pad has been glued.