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Pick Your Own $70 16GB RAM Deal: Faster Crucial or RGB GeIL

Whether you're looking for flashy memory or fast memory for your system, Newegg sales got you covered this week. GeIL's Super Luce TUF Gaming Alliance DDR4-3000 and Crucial's Ballistix Sport LT DDR4-3200 16GB (2x 8GB) memory kits are each available at $69.99 for a limited time. PC Part Picker has seen both sell for as high as $115. 

GeIL Super Luce TUF Gaming Alliance DDR4-3000 RAM Deal

(Image credit: GeIL)

The GeIL Super Luce TUF Gaming Alliance memory kit is obviously the more ostentatious of the two with tall heatsinks and snazzy RGB lighting. GeIL co-designed the memory modules with Asus, adopting a military-inspired theme and controllable RGB lighting that falls into Asus's Aura Sync ecosystem.

The mermory sticks clock in at 3,000 MHz with CL16-18-18-36 timings (for help understating CL timings, see our CAS Latency glossary page) and 1.35V operating voltage. According to GeIL, the memory is compatible with both Intel and AMD platforms.

The memory kits are equipped with Intel XMP 2.0 profiles so you can get them to run at their advertised speeds with a single click within your motherboard's BIOS. It also comes with a limted lifetime warranty.

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4-3200 RAM Deal

(Image credit: Crucial)

The Crucial Ballistix Sport LT, on the other hand carries a more discrete, white camouflage exterior with a low-profile design to provide the best compatibility with large CPU air coolers.

The memory modules operate at 3,200 MHz and have their timings configured to CL16-18-18. Crucial doesn't specify the Row Active Time (tRAS) value, but it's probably set at 38. Like GeIL's Super Luce TUF Gaming Alliance modules, Crucial's offering also runs at 1.35V.

These modules also come with intel XMP 2.0 profiles and a limited lifetime warranty.

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