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G.Skill 2x32GB DDR4-3600 CL18 on Sale for $225

G.Skill Ripjaws V 64GB DDR4-3600 Kit
(Image credit: Newegg)

If you're looking for Cyber Monday deals involving lots of memory, Newegg and G.Skill have a 64GB kit of DDR4-3600 RAM for just $225. To put that in perspective, that's $56 per 16GB, which is already a great starting price when you look at our best DDR4 memory guide. This just gives you lots more memory to work with. It's probably more than most of us really need. But then again, there are high-end 32GB kits that cost this much.

G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x32GB DDR4-3600:  was $239.99, now $224.99 at Newegg

G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x32GB DDR4-3600: was $239.99, now $224.99 at Newegg
This 64GB kit of DDR4-3600 RAM should be plenty for many professional workloads, and is at an all-time low. More memory than you can shake an elephant at!

This is an older DDR4 kit with CL18 timings, but it should still work in modern AMD and Intel boards. That includes sockets AM4, LGA1151, and LGA1200, as well as HEDT platforms (if you buy two kits and run 128GB of RAM). Not every CPU and platform will be able to run at DDR4-3600, but most will do so. You may need to manually tweak the RAM voltage and/or timings to get things stable, but we've had good luck with other Ripjaws V kits.

If you're doing heavy lifting like photo or video editing, 3D rendering, software development, or other professional workloads, having lots of memory is a great way to improve system responsiveness. Or you can use virtualization on your workstation and run multiple operating systems concurrently. Whatever floats your boat. To think only ten years back, a 64GB SSD had a similar price. That's progress.

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