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SSD Deal: Grab the 2TB Samsung 860 QVO For Just Under £189 (13% Off)

Samsung 860 QVO
(Image credit: Samsung)

Since those flash-based storage drives first launched, a 100-percent solid state PC has always been the dream. For the longest time it was something reserved for the big spenders. However, now it can be a reality for everyone thanks to large, affordable SSDs like this beefy Samsung 860 QVO 2TB SSD. This deal is available now for just under £189 and will allow for a pretty beefy installed game library without the need to resort to an old school magnetic HDD to save cost.

Of course, at this price you're not getting the very fastest SSD technology out there. As you'll find It's the quad-level (QLC) NAND memory cells in the Samsung 860 QVO SSD that enable increased data density at a far lower cost. Inevitably, they're not quite as quick as the NAND chips in TLC and MLC drives. Still, with reads of 550MB/s and writes of 520MB/s, Samsung's 860 QVO is comparable to most competitive SATA drives out there. Although it's still a far cry from the speedier PCIe SSDs the company produces, such as the 970 Evo Plus, or its latest PCIe 4.0 debut the Samsung 980 Pro, for cheap affordable storage, the QLC at the heart of the 2TB 860 QVO is second only to those sluggish spinning hard drives of yesteryear.


2TB Samsung 860 QVO SSD: Was £219 now £189

2TB Samsung 860 QVO SSD: Was £219 now £189
It may not be the fastest SSD out there, but with 2TB of capacity, at just £189 its time to say goodbye to those spinning hard drives once and for all.



InterfaceSATA 6Gbps
Control ProtocolAHCI
ControllerSamsung MJX
NAND TypeSamsung 1Tb 64l 3D QLC
Sequential Read / Write550 / 520 MB/s
Read / Write IOPS 97,000 / 89,000
Write Endurance1,440 TB Written
Warranty3 Years

Indeed, thanks to Samsung's clever SSD controller chipset and buffering technology, it won't be often that you even experience the underlying performance of the QVO's QLC NAND. Most of the time, you'll get a typically snappy solid-state experience, enabling you to kiss goodbye to HDDs with moving parts, at least until the DRAM cache fills up which it absolutely won't when gaming or streaming media.

Samsung also backs the QVO with a three-year warranty and up to 1,440TB of writes. So that other concern that comes with QLC memory, namely longevity, needn't be a worry. You can check out more of our favourite SSDs here.