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Acer XB280HK 28-inch G-Sync Ultra HD Gaming Monitor Review

Acer breaks new ground with its XB280HK. Offering an Ultra HD resolution and G-Sync in a reasonably-priced 28-inch package, this monitor is unique.

Viewing Angles

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TN-based screens are still our least favorite because of their low off-axis image quality. At 28-inches, the XB280HK is the largest size we’d consider usable before going to an IPS or VA panel.

The light output falls quite a bit if you're looking from the sides, accompanied by a severe shift to green. Visuals aren't as bad from the top; Acer looks better than most, with little loss in brightness or detail. Fortunately for IPS fans, the company also sells the XB270HU, which we’ll be reviewing shortly.